What is Morreale Paris?
Morreale Paris is a French luxury label founded by Jean Pierre Morreale.

Who is Jean Pierre Morreale?
Jean Pierre Morreale is the founder of Morreale Paris, he is a master parfumer originally from Belgium.

What is the speciality of the house Morreale?
The house Morreale craft the most exclusive fragrances in the world.

What makes Morreale Paris' fragrances uniques?
Each fragrance is handcrafted in France, using only the very best ingredients in the world to create it. Each fragrance also has different health benefits (see product descriptions)

Where are the perfumes available?
You can purchase our collection on our website as most of our physical boutiques are located in France and Belgium. Our fragrances are also available at te Sofitel in Beverly Hills.

Return Policy?
Every sale is final - if you have any issue with one of our product, please contact us at info@morrealeparis.com

I am interested in "Le Monde sur Mesure" collection. How do I get in touch?
Please send us an e-mail at info@morrealeparis.com we'll be in touch very shortly.